Can Dogs Eat Bananas? And Are Bananas Good & Safe For Dogs?

A great snack for dogs might be made with a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. In particular, a large number of dogs cannot resist the sweetness of bananas.

Planting bananas does not depend on the season so that a delicious bunch of bananas is presented in all parts of the world. Moreover, the popularity of bananas is rooted in their affordable prices.

Feeding bananas to your dogs presents some benefits associated with some drawbacks.

What are some benefits of feeding bananas to your dogs?

Some vitamins and minerals varying from potassium, Vitamin C, magnesium to high fiber are found in bananas.


Potassium, a necessary element of fluid balance, is presented with a high level of bananas. Not only do bananas help promote muscle development, but they are beneficial for blood vessel function.

Vitamin C

Your dogs’ immune system will be improved with the abundant source of Vitamin C from bananas. In addition, cartilage and cells are protected from aging and injuries.


Protein circulating is built to transport energy within the body thanks to the availability of magnesium. More importantly, puppies, especially active dogs, need to consume bananas containing a lot of magnesium to stimulate the growth of their bones.

High fiber content

Dogs’ gastrointestinal problems can be prevented and resolved effectively if you supply an appropriate portion of bananas with high fiber content.

More significantly, bowel problems or diarrhea can be cured by letting your dogs eat a small piece of bananas on their dietary

In addition, there are three kinds of organic sugar in bananas: glucose, fructose, and sucrose, which are highly likely to be beneficial for the dog’s health.

Feeding your dogs as many as possible?

There always are 2 sides. Eating more than dogs need is contributed to some negative effects on your pets.

  • Your dogs are prone to be obese because of the high content of fat found in bananas
  • Absorbing an excessive concentration of potassium stemming from consuming bananas without control results in heart problems.
  • Ingesting bananas too much is vulnerable to blood sugar irregularities

How many bananas are supposed to feed to your dog?

It would help if you remembered that bananas should be eaten as a treat because they are impossible to replace in the dogs’ healthy balanced diet.

  • For small dogs or puppies: Two of three small pieces of bananas each day are just enough.
  • For medium and large dogs: A half of the regular size of bananas would be perfect for them on a daily basis.
  • Especially, working and active dogs required a great deal of energy could be fed with a greater number of normal portion of bananas

Accidentally, how can we recognize to help our dogs if they eat many bananas on their own?. There are some ways to diagnose whether your dogs overeat or not.

Symptoms of banana overdose!

Some recognizable expressions are presented on your dogs ranging from straining, vomiting to diarrhea. Noticeably, some severe symptoms of a high potassium level in the blood are regarded as hyperkalemia, such as weak movements and disorientation.

In these cases, you should drive your dogs to healthcare centers for pets immediately to a medical check-up.

Are banana chips good to your dogs?

There is no doubt that your dogs would be keen on such a tasty and nutritious treat like dehydrated banana chips boost their energy.

However, this kind of processed product seems to consist of excessively high sugar and uncontrollably preservative substances. You should look up ingredients and substances carefully on the products’ labels to decide whether to take them to your dogs or not. Make sure banana chips are natural before making a decision.

Can dogs eat banana peels?

Because banana peels are formed a lot of fiber, many pet owners must be considered them beneficial to promote the dogs’ ingestion.

However, letting your dogs eat banana peels causes them to suffer from vomiting and constipation or even intestinal blockage simultaneously.

Some banana treat recipes you can make at home

It is nothing better than creating a tasty and nutritious banana treat for your dogs on your own by using available and fresh ingredients.

Banana and Honey Baled Dog Treats

This yummy kind of cake will show how much you love your doggies


  • 2 cups of water
  • 2 mashed banana​​​
  • 2 teaspoon of honey
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • 1 egg
  • ½ cup of wheat flour
  • 1 teaspoon of baking powder

How to do

  1. Preheat oven to 175 degrees Celcius
  2. 2 large baking sheets are greased lightly
  3. Make a mixture of water, mashed banana, honey, vanilla and an egg in a large bowl
  4. Use an electric mixer on medium speed until having a mixed dough
  5. Knead the mixed dough in flour until no longer sticking
  6. Roll out dough to ¼-inch thickness and create your favorite mini shapes with a cutter

You can take a look 2 more banana treat recipes below for your reference:


It is undeniable to realize some outstanding advantages of feeding bananas to your dogs. Bananas can be used as a treat for your dogs. However, it would help if you used them properly to feed your dogs because of some potential risks negatively affecting your dogs’ health.

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