How to Professionally Groom your Dog At Home

Visiting a professional dog groomer is such a fulfilling experience for dog owners and their pets. Your mutt goes home looking so beautiful, clean, and neat. It is the time when you want to cuddle and never let go.

Working with the experts can, however, prove to be a very costly affair. There are also times you may not be in the mood to visit the groomer, especially if they are far away.

Do you know that it is possible to groom your best friend at home and achieve professional results? If you do not know how this guide will take you through the steps to have your pet lookout, bond, and enjoy spending time together.

Items to Use

There are a couple of things you must have to prepare for a grooming session in the comfort of your house like:

  • Dog shampoo: It is not advisable to use shampoo manufactured for humans. Go out and shop for the one that is specially formulated for use of your canine’s hair. Especially, when your dog gets infected by fleas buy a flea shampoo instead of trying on different home remedies.
  • Hair clippers: Because this will be your main tools of the trade, you must get the proper clippers. Get insight from the hair clippers club to know the options available in the market and how to pick the best for your breed. You can also talk to your professional groomer to identify the best clippers to use.
  • Dog comb/brush: Make sure you get the ones that will work well on your canine’s coat. Note that you should be brushing the hair often to keep it clean and free of knotted or matted hair.
  • Nail trimmers: It is wise to have some nail trimmers as well to work on the nails especially if they have grown out.
  • Ear cleaning solution: You can easily get this at vets offices and pet supply stores. Keeping your dog’s ear clean is essential for its overall health. It helps to get rid of dirt and moisture that can cause infections.

Grooming your Dog

After getting all the supplies needed, you have permission to go ahead and start the grooming process. Start by making sure that the dog is as comfortable as possible so that everyone ends up enjoying the experience.

It is also important to set up the grooming area so that hair does not land all over your home.

Brush and Wash the Dog

The first most crucial step is washing the dog. Before it comes into contact with water, it is essential to brush the coat to ensure smooth. Use the dog shampoo when scrubbing it down. Cover the entire body of the pet, including its ears.

Finish off by drying off the coat with a towel or drier, depending on what you prefer.

Constantly praise your pet when it behaves properly during washing. When it is dry, give it lots of hugs to remain in a happy and relaxed mood.

Start with the Nails

To mentally prepare your friend for what lies ahead, start by working on the nails. You must be very careful doing this.

You do not want to cut too deep to the extent that your dog starts bleeding and feeling too much pain. It is best to have the nail clipper underneath the paw as it gives you better control.

You must know how to handle clippers and the blades to use to do an excellent job. Be patient while doing this, starting from one section to the next.

Clip the Coat

You can start with the ears, head, face, and muzzle before moving to other parts of the body.

Give the dog a break if it needs one in the middle of trimming. You can even offer treats in between to distract the pet and keep it calm, allowing you to finish off the process with ease.

When you are impressed with the results, you can stop working on the coast. Do not beat yourself up if the results are not “perfect”. More practice will have you feeling like a guru in no time.


Remember to clean your dog’s eyes and brush its teeth so that its entire body is clean and fresh. Reward the dog after the entire experience. Clean your tools and put them away nicely and safely, ready for next time.

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